File SpacePointBuilderConfig.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


this is foreseen for the ‘Geometry’ module

struct SpacePointBuilderConfig
#include <Acts/SpacePointFormation/SpacePointBuilderConfig.hpp>

Public Functions

SpacePointBuilderConfig() = default

Public Members

double diffDist = 100. * UnitConstants::mm

Accepted distance between two clusters.

double diffPhi2 = 1.

Accepted squared difference in phi for two clusters.

double diffTheta2 = 1.

Accepted squared difference in theta for two clusters.

double stripLengthGapTolerance = 0.01

Allowed increase of strip length wrt gaps between strips.

double stripLengthTolerance = 0.01

Allowed increase of strip length.

std::shared_ptr<const Acts::TrackingGeometry> trackingGeometry

Tracking geometry.

bool usePerpProj = false

Perform the perpendicular projection for space point finding.

Vector3 vertex = {0., 0., 0.}

vertex position