File TrackAtVertex.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


this is foreseen for the ‘Geometry’ module

template<typename input_track_t>
class TrackAtVertex
#include <Acts/Vertexing/TrackAtVertex.hpp>

Defines a track at vertex object.

Template Parameters

input_track_t – Track object type

Public Functions

TrackAtVertex() = delete

Deleted default constructor.

inline TrackAtVertex(double chi2perTrack, const BoundTrackParameters &paramsAtVertex, const input_track_t *originalTrack)

Parameterized constructor.

  • chi2perTrack – Chi2 of track

  • paramsAtVertex – Fitted perigee parameter

  • originalTrack – Original perigee parameter

inline TrackAtVertex(const BoundTrackParameters &paramsAtVertex, const input_track_t *originalTrack)

Constructor with default chi2.

  • paramsAtVertex – Fitted perigee parameter

  • originalTrack – Original perigee parameter

Public Members

double chi2Track = 0

Chi2 of track.

BoundTrackParameters fittedParams

Fitted perigee.

bool isLinearized = false

Is already linearized.

LinearizedTrack linearizedState

The linearized state of the track at vertex.

double ndf = 0

Number degrees of freedom Note: Can be different from integer value since annealing can result in effective non-interger values.

const input_track_t *originalParams

Original input parameters.

double trackWeight = 1

Weight of track in fit.

double vertexCompatibility = 0

Value of the compatibility of the track to the actual vertex, based on the estimation of the 3d distance between the track and the vertex.