File TrackStatePropMask.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


this is foreseen for the ‘Geometry’ module


enum TrackStatePropMask

Collection of bit masks to enable steering which components of a track state should be initialized, and which should be left invalid.

These mask values can be combined using binary operators, so (TrackStatePropMask::Predicted | TrackStatePropMask::Jacobian) will instruct allocating storage for both predicted parameters (including covariance) and a jacobian. The enum is used as a strong type wrapper around the bits to prevent autoconversion from integer


enumerator None
enumerator Predicted
enumerator Filtered
enumerator Smoothed
enumerator Jacobian
enumerator Calibrated
enumerator All


std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, TrackStatePropMask mask)