Struct Acts::IterativeVertexFinder::Config

struct Config

Configuration struct.

Public Functions

inline Config(const vfitter_t &fitter, Linearizer_t lin, sfinder_t sfinder, const IPEstimator &est)

Config constructor.

  • fitter – Vertex fitter

  • lin – Track linearizer

  • sfinder – The seed finder

  • est – ImpactPointEstimator

Public Members

bool createSplitVertices = false

Assign a certain fraction of compatible tracks to a different (so-called split) vertex if boolean is set to true.

double cutOffTrackWeight = 0.01
double cutOffTrackWeightReassign = 1

If reassignTracksAfterFirstFit is set this threshold will be used to decide if a track should be checked for reassignment to other vertices.

bool doMaxTracksCut = false
IPEstimator ipEst


Linearizer_t linearizer

Linearized track factory.

double maximumChi2cutForSeeding = 36.
int maxTracks = 5000
int maxVertices = 50
bool reassignTracksAfterFirstFit = false
sfinder_t seedFinder

Vertex seed finder.

double significanceCutSeeding = 10

Vertex finder configuration variables.

Tracks that are within a distance of

significanceCutSeeding * sqrt(sigma(d0)^2+sigma(z0)^2)

are considered compatible with the vertex.

int splitVerticesTrkInvFraction = 2

Inverse of the fraction of tracks that will be assigned to the split vertex.

E.g., if splitVerticesTrkInvFraction = 2, about 50% of compatible tracks will be assigned to the split vertex.

vfitter_t vertexFitter

Vertex fitter.