Class Acts::KDTree::KDTreeLeaf

class KDTreeLeaf : public Acts::KDTree<Dims, Type, Scalar, Vector, LeafSize>::KDTreeAbstractNode

Public Functions

inline KDTreeLeaf(iterator_t _b, iterator_t _e)

Construct a leaf node from a range of elements.

This doesn’t actually do anything that the abstract base constructor doesn’t do.

  • _b – The begin iterator of the range of values.

  • _e – The end iterator of the range of values.

inline virtual void rangeSearchMapDiscard(const range_t &r, std::function<void(const coordinate_t&, const Type&)> f) const override

Perform a range on this leaf node.

Performing a range search on a leaf node is rather simple, because we just need to check whether each of the elements in the node is actually inside the range.

  • r – The range to search for.

  • f – The mapping function to apply.

inline virtual std::string toString(std::size_t i) const override

Debugging string method for this (sub-)k-d tree.

This prints information to stdout about the structure of the (sub-)tree defined by this node. Not designed for use in real code.


i – The amount of indentation to use.