File AtlasSeedfinder.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent

namespace Legacy
template<typename SpacePoint>
class AtlasSeedfinder
#include <Acts/Seeding/AtlasSeedfinder.hpp>

Disallow default instantiation, copy, assignment

AtlasSeedfinder(const AtlasSeedfinder<SpacePoint>&) = delete
AtlasSeedfinder<SpacePoint> &operator=(const AtlasSeedfinder<SpacePoint>&) = delete

Public Functions

virtual ~AtlasSeedfinder()
void find3Sp()
template<class RandIter>
void newEvent(int, RandIter, RandIter)
inline const Seed<SpacePoint> *next()

Public Members

const Config m_config

Protected Functions

void buildBeamFrameWork()
void buildFrameWork()
void convertToBeamFrameWork(SpacePoint*const&, float*)
void erase()
void fillLists()
void fillSeeds()
void findNext()
inline bool isZCompatible(float&)
void newOneSeed(SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*&, SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*&, SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*&, float, float)
void newOneSeedWithCurvaturesComparison(SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*&, SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*&, float)
inline SPForSeed<SpacePoint> *newSpacePoint(SpacePoint*const&)
void production3Sp()
void production3Sp(typename std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator*, typename std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator*, typename std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator*, typename std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator*, int, int, int&)

Protected Attributes

std::list<InternalSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator i_seed
std::list<InternalSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator i_seede
std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator i_spforseed
std::list<InternalSeed<SpacePoint>*> l_seeds
std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*> l_spforseed
bool m_checketa
std::vector<std::pair<float, SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>> m_CmSp
float m_COF
float m_COFK
float m_dazmax
float m_diver
float m_divermax
float m_diverpps
float m_diversss
float m_drmax
float m_drmin
float m_drminv
float m_dzdrmax
float m_dzdrmax0
float m_dzdrmin
float m_dzdrmin0
float m_dzdrver
float m_dzver
bool m_endlist
float *m_Er
float m_etamax
float m_etamin
int m_fillOneSeeds
int m_fNmax
int m_fNmin
float m_ftrig
float m_ftrigW
int m_fvNmax
int m_fvNmin
float m_ipt
float m_ipt2
float m_ipt2C
float m_ipt2K
bool m_isvertex
int m_iteration
float m_K
std::multimap<float, InternalSeed<SpacePoint>*> m_mapOneSeeds
int m_maxOneSize
int m_maxsize
int m_maxsizeSP
int m_nlist
int m_nOneSeeds
int m_nprint
int m_nr
int m_nrfz
int m_nsaz
int m_nsazv
InternalSeed<SpacePoint> *m_OneSeeds
float m_ptmin
float *m_R
std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator m_rMin
std::multimap<float, InternalSeed<SpacePoint>*>::iterator m_seed
Seed<SpacePoint> *m_seedOutput
std::multimap<float, InternalSeed<SpacePoint>*> m_seeds
float m_sF
SPForSeed<SpacePoint> **m_SP
int m_state
float *m_Tz
float *m_U
float m_umax
float *m_V
float m_xbeam
float m_ybeam
float m_zbeam
float m_zmax
float m_zmaxB
float m_zmaxU
float m_zmin
int m_zMin
float m_zminB
float m_zminU
float *m_Zo
int r_first
int *r_index
int *r_map
float r_rmax
float r_rstep
int r_size
std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*> *r_Sorted
int rf_size
int rfz_b[583]
int rfz_ib[583][9]
int rfz_index[583]
int rfz_it[583][9]
int rfz_map[583]
int rfz_size
std::list<SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*> rfz_Sorted[583]
int rfz_t[593]
struct Config

Public Members

double beamPosX = 0
double beamPosY = 0
double beamPosZ = 0
double beamTiltX = 0
double beamTiltY = 0
double bFieldInZ = 0.00208
double SCT_rMin = 200.
class comCurvature
#include <Acts/Seeding/AtlasSeedfinder.hpp>

Public Functions

template<typename SpacePoint>
inline bool operator()(const std::pair<float, Acts::Legacy::SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*> &i1, const std::pair<float, Acts::Legacy::SPForSeed<SpacePoint>*> &i2)