File MeasurementHelpers.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


template<typename L, typename A, typename B>
auto visit_measurement(A &&param, B &&cov, size_t dim, L &&lambda)

Dispatch a lambda call on an overallocated parameter vector and covariance matrix, based on a runtime dimension value.

Inside the lambda call, the vector and matrix will have fixed dimensions, but will still point back to the originally given overallocated values.


No requirements on A and B are made, to enable a single overload for both const and non-const matrices/vectors.

Template Parameters
  • L – The lambda type

  • A – The parameter vector type

  • B – The covariance matrix type

  • param – The parameter vector

  • cov – The covariance matrix

  • dim – The actual dimension as a runtime value

  • lambda – The lambda to call with the statically sized subsets