How do I run the formatting?

Code formatting is handled by clang-format. A configuration file is available in the repository root at .clang-format and should be used to automatically format the code. Many editors / IDEs support clang-format and also format-on-save actions.

The ACTS CI system will automatically check code formatting using the provided clang-format configuration and will notify incompatible formatting.

To simplify this, a script located in CI/check_format can be used like:

$ CI/check_format $SOURCE_DIR

In some cases, different clang-format versions will result in slightly different outputs. In many cases, this is accepted by the CI. However, it is recommended to use the same major version of clang-format to perform local formatting. If you are comfortable with Docker, you can use the docker image used by the CI. You can use the script located in CI/check_format_local similar to the description above. Other options to obtain a compatible clang-format version are to use your package manager (e.g. Ubuntu distributions usually offer a set of versions to install), or to use statically linked binaries from here1.


This repository is external to the ACTS project, so proceed with caution!