Struct Acts::VertexingOptions

template<typename input_track_t>
struct VertexingOptions

Vertex Finder Options.

Public Functions

VertexingOptions() = delete

Default contstructor is deleted.

inline VertexingOptions(const GeometryContext &gctx, const MagneticFieldContext &mctx, const Vertex<input_track_t> &vconstr = Vertex<input_track_t>())

VertexingOptions with context.

  • gctx – The goemetry context for this fit

  • mctx – The magnetic context for this fit

  • vconstr – The pointing contraint to a vertex

Public Members

std::reference_wrapper<const GeometryContext> geoContext

Context object for the geometry.

std::reference_wrapper<const MagneticFieldContext> magFieldContext

Context object for the magnetic field.

Vertex<input_track_t> vertexConstraint

The vertex constraint for the fitting.