Class Acts::ExaTrkXTrackFinding

class ExaTrkXTrackFinding

Class implementing the Exa.TrkX track finding algorithm.

It holds the required ONNX objects.

Public Functions

ExaTrkXTrackFinding(const Config &config)

Constructor of the track finding module.


config – is the config struct to configure the module

virtual ~ExaTrkXTrackFinding() = default
inline const Config &config() const

Return the configuration object of the track finding module.

void getTracks(std::vector<float> &input_values, std::vector<uint32_t> &spacepointIDs, std::vector<std::vector<uint32_t>> &trackCandidates) const

Do the track finding.


The input values are not const, because the underlying ONNX API takes only non-const pointers.

  • input_values[in] Packed spacepoints in the form [ r1, phi1, z1, r2, phi2, z2, … ]

  • spacepointIDs[in] corresponding spacepoint IDs to the input_values.

  • trackCandidates[out] nested vector containing the spacepoint ids of the found tracks

struct Config

Configuration struct for the track finding.

Public Members

int embeddingDim = 8
float filterCut = 0.21
std::string inputMLModuleDir
int knnVal = 500
float rVal = 1.6
int64_t spacepointFeatures = 3