Struct Acts::PropagatorOptions

template<typename action_list_t = ActionList<>, typename aborter_list_t = AbortList<>>
struct PropagatorOptions : public Acts::PropagatorPlainOptions

Options for propagate() call.

Template Parameters
  • action_list_t – List of action types called after each propagation step with the current propagation and stepper state

  • aborter_list_t – List of abort conditions tested after each propagation step using the current propagation and stepper state

Subclassed by Acts::DenseStepperPropagatorOptions< action_list_t, aborter_list_t >

Public Types

using aborter_list_type = aborter_list_t
using action_list_type = action_list_t

Public Functions

PropagatorOptions() = delete

Delete default constructor.

PropagatorOptions(const PropagatorOptions<action_list_t, aborter_list_t> &po) = default

PropagatorOptions copy constructor.

inline PropagatorOptions(const GeometryContext &gctx, const MagneticFieldContext &mctx)

PropagatorOptions with context.

template<typename extended_aborter_list_t>
inline PropagatorOptions<action_list_t, extended_aborter_list_t> extend(extended_aborter_list_t aborters) const

Expand the Options with extended aborters.

Template Parameters

extended_aborter_list_t – Type of the new aborter list


aborters – The new aborter list to be used (internally)

inline void setPlainOptions(const PropagatorPlainOptions &pOptions)

Set the plain options.


pOptions – The plain options

Public Members

aborter_list_t abortList

List of abort conditions.

action_list_t actionList

List of actions.

std::reference_wrapper<const GeometryContext> geoContext

The context object for the geometry.

std::reference_wrapper<const MagneticFieldContext> magFieldContext

The context object for the magnetic field.