Struct Acts::Propagator::State

template<typename propagator_options_t>
struct State

private Propagator state for navigation and debugging

This struct holds the common state information for propagating which is independent of the actual stepper implementation.

Template Parameters
  • parameters_t – Type of the track parameters

  • propagator_options_t – Type of the Objections object

Public Functions

template<typename parameters_t>
inline State(const parameters_t &start, const propagator_options_t &topts, StepperState steppingIn)

Create the propagator state from the options.

Template Parameters
  • parameters_t – the type of the start parameters

  • propagator_options_t – the type of the propagator options

  • start – The start parameters, used to initialize stepping state

  • topts – The options handed over by the propagate call

  • steppingIn – Stepper state instance to begin with

Public Members

std::reference_wrapper<const GeometryContext> geoContext

Context object for the geometry.

NavigatorState navigation

Navigation state - internal state of the Navigator.

propagator_options_t options

These are the options - provided for each propagation step.

StepperState stepping

Stepper state - internal state of the Stepper.