Class Acts::Cuda::Info

class Info

Class providing information about the CUDA devices at runtime.

Without exposing any CUDA dependencies publicly to the clients.

Declarations preventing any copies of the singleton object

Info(const Info&) = delete

Explicitly delete the copy constructor.

Info(Info&&) = delete

Explicitly delete the move constructor.

Info &operator=(const Info&) = delete

Explicitly delete the copy assignment operator.

Info &operator=(Info&&) = delete

Explicitly delete the move assignment operator.

Public Functions

const std::vector<Device> &devices() const

Get all the available CUDA devices.

Public Static Functions

static Info &instance()

Singleton accessor function.

struct Device

Helper struct describing one available CUDA device.

Public Members

bool concurrentKernels = false

Whether the device supports multiple kernel executions in parallel.

int id = -1

Identifier that CUDA knows this device by.

int maxThreadsPerBlock = -1

The maximal number of threads per block for this device.

std::string name

The name of this device.

std::size_t totalMemory = 0

The total amount of (global) memory on the device.