Class Acts::Logger

class Logger

class for printing debug output

This class provides the user interface for printing debug messages with different levels of severity.

Public Functions

inline Logger(std::unique_ptr<Logging::OutputPrintPolicy> pPrint, std::unique_ptr<Logging::OutputFilterPolicy> pFilter)

construct from output print and filter policy

  • pPrint[in] policy for printing debug messages

  • pFilter[in] policy for filtering debug messages

inline bool doPrint(const Logging::Level &lvl) const

decide whether a message with a given debug level has to be printed


lvl[in] debug level of debug message


true if debug message should be printed, otherwise false

inline void log(const Logging::Level &lvl, const std::string &input) const

log a debug message

  • lvl[in] debug level of debug message

  • input[in] text of debug message