File SpacePointBuilder.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent

template<typename Cluster>
struct SpacePoint
#include <Acts/Digitization/SpacePointBuilder.hpp>

Structure for easier bookkeeping of space points.

Public Functions

inline double x() const

Getter of the first element in spacePoint.


First element in spacePoint

inline double y() const

Getter of the second element in spacePoint.


Second element in spacePoint

inline double z() const

Getter of the third element in spacePoint.


Third element in spacePoint

Public Members

std::vector<const Cluster*> clusterModule

Storage of the cluster on a surface.

Vector3 vector

Storage of a point in space.

template<class S>
struct SpacePointBuilder
#include <Acts/Digitization/SpacePointBuilder.hpp>

After the particle interaction with surfaces are recorded and digitized the hits on some detector elements need further treatment.

This struct serves as default structure of the process to take the digitized clusters on a detector element and provide the corresponding space point. The empty class is used to forbid the usage of an arbitrary data type as template parameter and enforces the implementation of explicit structures.


The choice of which kind of data should be treated in which way is steered by the choice of the template parameter. This parameter represents a structure that needs to store at least a cluster/multiple clusters and the corresponding space point.