File DenseEnvironmentExtension.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


using DenseEnvironmentExtension = detail::GenericDenseEnvironmentExtension<double>

A typedef for the default GenericDenseEnvironmentExtension with double.

template<typename action_list_t = ActionList<>, typename aborter_list_t = AbortList<>>
struct DenseStepperPropagatorOptions : public Acts::PropagatorOptions<action_list_t, aborter_list_t>
#include <Acts/Propagator/DenseEnvironmentExtension.hpp>

Public Functions

DenseStepperPropagatorOptions(const DenseStepperPropagatorOptions<action_list_t, aborter_list_t> &dspo) = default

Copy Constructor.

inline DenseStepperPropagatorOptions(const GeometryContext &gctx, const MagneticFieldContext &mctx)

Constructor with GeometryContext.

  • gctx – The current geometry context object, e.g. alignment

  • mctx – The current magnetic fielc context object

template<typename extended_aborter_list_t>
inline DenseStepperPropagatorOptions<action_list_t, extended_aborter_list_t> extend(extended_aborter_list_t aborters) const

Expand the Options with extended aborters.

Template Parameters

extended_aborter_list_t – Type of the new aborter list


aborters – The new aborter list to be used (internally)

Public Members

bool includeGgradient = true

Boolean flag for inclusion of d(dEds)d(q/p) into energy loss.

bool meanEnergyLoss = true

Toggle between mean and mode evaluation of energy loss.

double momentumCutOff = 0.

Cut-off value for the momentum in SI units.