File GeometryJsonKeys.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent

struct jsonKey
#include <Acts/Plugins/Json/GeometryJsonKeys.hpp>

store in a single place the different key used for the material mapping

Public Members

std::string binkey = "binUtility"

The bin key.

std::string datakey = "data"

The data key.

std::string mapkey = "mapMaterial"

The mapping key, add surface to mapping procedure if true.

std::string maptype = "mappingType"

The mapping type key, used to select the type od material mapping for the surface.

std::string materialkey = "material"

The material key.

std::string namekey = "NAME"

The name identification.

std::string transfokeys = "transformation"

The local to global transformation key.

std::string typekey = "type"

The type key -> proto, else.