File ExaTrkXTiming.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent

struct ExaTrkXTime
#include <Acts/Plugins/ExaTrkX/ExaTrkXTiming.hpp>

Collection of timing information of the Exa.TrkX algorithm.

Public Functions

inline void summary(const Logger &logger) const

Public Members

float building = 0.0
float embedding = 0.0
float filtering = 0.0
float gnn = 0.0
float labeling = 0.0
float total = 0.0
class ExaTrkXTimer
#include <Acts/Plugins/ExaTrkX/ExaTrkXTiming.hpp>

A timer to allow easy timing.

Public Functions

inline ExaTrkXTimer(bool disabled = false)
inline double elapsed()
inline double elapsedSeconds()
inline void start()
inline void stop()
inline double stopAndGetElapsedTime()

Private Members

bool m_disabled
std::chrono::time_point<std::chrono::high_resolution_clock> m_end
bool m_running = false
std::chrono::time_point<std::chrono::high_resolution_clock> m_start