File Alignment.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


using AlignmentMatrix = ActsMatrix<eAlignmentSize, eAlignmentSize>
using AlignmentRowVector = ActsMatrix<1, eAlignmentSize>
using AlignmentToBoundMatrix = ActsMatrix<eBoundSize, eAlignmentSize>
using AlignmentToPathMatrix = ActsMatrix<1, eAlignmentSize>
using AlignmentToPositionMatrix = ActsMatrix<3, eAlignmentSize>
using AlignmentVector = ActsVector<eAlignmentSize>


enum AlignmentIndices

Components of alignment parameters vector.

To be used to access components by named indices instead of just numbers. This must be a regular enum and not a scoped enum class to allow implicit conversion to an integer. The enum value are thus visible directly in namespace Acts and are prefixed to avoid naming collisions.


enumerator eAlignmentCenter0
enumerator eAlignmentCenter1
enumerator eAlignmentCenter2
enumerator eAlignmentRotation0
enumerator eAlignmentRotation1
enumerator eAlignmentRotation2
enumerator eAlignmentSize