File buildEdges.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


at::Tensor buildEdges(at::Tensor &embedFeatures, int64_t numSpacepoints, int dim, float rVal, int kVal, bool flipDirections = false)

Edge building using FRNN and CUDA.

If CUDA is not available, a brute-force CPU method is used TODO implement better CPU method (K-D-Tree, …) TODO make parameters concise (the tensor should have the numSpacepoints, dim info)

  • embedFeatures – Tensor of shape (n_nodes, embedding_dim)

  • numSpacepoints – number of spacepoints

  • dim – embedding embedding dim

  • rVal – radius for NN search

  • kVal – max number of neighbours in NN search

  • flipDirections – if we want to randomly flip directions of the edges after the edge building

namespace at