File IConfinedTrackingVolumeBuilder.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


typedef std::shared_ptr<TrackingVolume> MutableTrackingVolumePtr
typedef std::vector<MutableTrackingVolumePtr> MutableTrackingVolumeVector
class IConfinedTrackingVolumeBuilder
#include <Acts/Geometry/IConfinedTrackingVolumeBuilder.hpp>

This is an interface class for constructing TrackingVolumes whose are confined in a mother-TrackingVolume.

Subclassed by Acts::DD4hepVolumeBuilder

Public Functions

virtual ~IConfinedTrackingVolumeBuilder() = default

Virtual destructor.

virtual MutableTrackingVolumeVector centralVolumes() const = 0

Interface for constructing a vector of confined TrackingVolumes.

virtual const std::string &identification() const = 0

Interface for retrieving the identification string of the confined volumes.