Event Data Model is a set of classes that can be used to describe the contents of an event.


A hole is a state on a track where no measurement was found.


A measurement associated with a track, where the measurement is considered far away from the nominal parameter vector of the track on the associated measurement surface. This is often defined as measurement with a \(\chi^2\) larger than a certain threshold value.


Struct of Arrays is a memory layout in which individual properties of an object are stored as contiguous arrays in a structure, where the same index is associated with logically connected entries. The opposite is AoS.


Array of Structs is a memory layout where a collection of objects are stored in a single array, where each object internally has a member for each property.


A starting point for the track finding stage. E.g. a triplet of space points that are loosely compatible with a track hypothesis.

Space point

A three dimensional (possibly approximated) location through which a particle will have passed and created masurements. In some cases, like strip detectors, space points are formed from multiple measurements.