Versioning and public API

ACTS uses Semantic Versioning to indicate breaking changes in its public API. A breaking change will result in a new major version. The Conventional Commits convention is used for pull requests to track the type of changes that have been merged and ensure that the version number is increased correctly.

Since ACTS is still under active development not all visible symbols are automatically considered part of the public API and as such fall under the Semantic Versioning rules. The subset of symbols that are currently part of the public API is outlined below.

Public API

At the moment only the following modules of the core library in the Core directory contribute to the public API.

  • EventData

  • MagneticField

  • Propagator

  • Surfaces

  • Vertexing

Within these modules, only symbols defined directly in the Acts namespace must be considered as public.

Private API

The following components are not part of the public API but are expected to become part of it at a later stage:

  • All modules of the core library that are not explicitly listed as part of the public API.

  • All plugins in the Plugins directory.

  • The Fatras library in the Fatras directory.

The following components will never become part of the public API:

  • Symbols in helper namespaces e.g. in Acts::detail must be considered implementation details and are not part of the public API.

  • Symbols in the namespace Acts::Experimental are not part of the public API.

  • The examples framework and executables in the Examples directory.

  • All units tests, integration tests, (micro)-benchmarks, and related code in the Tests directory.