File BoundarySurfaceFace.hpp

namespace Acts

Set the Geometry Context PLUGIN.

Set the Calibration Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedMaterialMap and to avoid code duplication.

Set the Mangetic Field Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedBFieldMap and to avoid code duplication.

Currently implemented for the two most common formats: rz and xyz.


enum BoundarySurfaceFace

Enum to describe the position of the BoundarySurface respectively to the frame orientatin of the volume, this is mainly ment for code readability.

The different numeration sequences can be found in the documentation of the actual VolumeBounds implementations.

The order of faces is chosen to follow - as much as possible - a cycular structure.


enumerator negativeFaceXY
enumerator positiveFaceXY
enumerator negativeFaceYZ
enumerator positiveFaceYZ
enumerator negativeFaceZX
enumerator positiveFaceZX
enumerator cylinderCover
enumerator tubeInnerCover
enumerator tubeOuterCover
enumerator tubeSectorNegativePhi
enumerator tubeSectorPositivePhi
enumerator tubeSectorInnerCover
enumerator tubeSectorOuterCover
enumerator trapezoidFaceAlpha
enumerator trapezoidFaceBeta
enumerator index0
enumerator index1
enumerator index2
enumerator index3
enumerator index4
enumerator index5
enumerator index6
enumerator index7
enumerator index8
enumerator index9
enumerator index10
enumerator index11
enumerator undefinedFace


inline std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, BoundarySurfaceFace &face)