File SpacePointGrid.hpp

namespace Acts

Set the Geometry Context PLUGIN.

Set the Calibration Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedMaterialMap and to avoid code duplication.

Set the Mangetic Field Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedBFieldMap and to avoid code duplication.

Currently implemented for the two most common formats: rz and xyz.


using SpacePointGrid = detail::Grid<std::vector<std::unique_ptr<InternalSpacePoint<external_spacepoint_t>>>, detail::Axis<detail::AxisType::Equidistant, detail::AxisBoundaryType::Closed>, detail::Axis<detail::AxisType::Variable, detail::AxisBoundaryType::Bound>>
struct SpacePointGridConfig
#include <Acts/Seeding/SpacePointGrid.hpp>

Public Functions

inline SpacePointGridConfig toInternalUnits() const

Public Members

float bFieldInZ
float cotThetaMax
float deltaRMax
float impactMax
float minPt
int phiBinDeflectionCoverage = 1
float phiMax = M_PI
float phiMin = -M_PI
float rMax
std::vector<float> zBinEdges
float zMax
float zMin
class SpacePointGridCreator
#include <Acts/Seeding/SpacePointGrid.hpp>

Public Static Functions

template<typename external_spacepoint_t>
static std::unique_ptr<SpacePointGrid<external_spacepoint_t>> createGrid(const Acts::SpacePointGridConfig &_config)