File GlueVolumesDescriptor.hpp

namespace Acts

Set the Geometry Context PLUGIN.

Set the Calibration Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedMaterialMap and to avoid code duplication.

Set the Mangetic Field Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedBFieldMap and to avoid code duplication.

Currently implemented for the two most common formats: rz and xyz.


typedef BinnedArray<TrackingVolumePtr> TrackingVolumeArray

A BinnedArray of a std::shared_tr to a TrackingVolume.

typedef std::shared_ptr<const TrackingVolume> TrackingVolumePtr

A std::shared_ptr to a tracking volume.


std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &sl, const GlueVolumesDescriptor &gvd)
class GlueVolumesDescriptor
#include <Acts/Geometry/GlueVolumesDescriptor.hpp>

Descriptor class to hold GlueVolumes of a TrackingGeometry object.

Should ease the wrapping of a TrackingGeometry object describing one Detector by another one.

Public Functions

GlueVolumesDescriptor() = default


GlueVolumesDescriptor(const std::map<BoundarySurfaceFace, std::shared_ptr<const TrackingVolumeArray>> &gvs)

Constructor - with arguments.


gvs – are the glue volume arrays mapped to the volume faces

~GlueVolumesDescriptor() = default


inline const std::vector<BoundarySurfaceFace> &glueFaces() const

Retrieve the available Glue Faces.


the list of faces for which glue information is there

std::shared_ptr<const TrackingVolumeArray> glueVolumes(BoundarySurfaceFace bsf) const

Retrieve the glue volumes.


bsf – is the boundary surface face for which you want to get the array


the shared pointer to the TrackingVolume array

void registerGlueVolumes(Acts::BoundarySurfaceFace bsf, std::shared_ptr<const TrackingVolumeArray> gvs)

Register the volumes.

  • bsf – is the boundary surface face where the volume array is attached

  • gvs – is the array of volumes to be attached

std::string screenOutput() const

Dump it to the screen.

Private Members

std::vector<BoundarySurfaceFace> m_glueFaces
std::map<BoundarySurfaceFace, std::shared_ptr<const TrackingVolumeArray>> m_glueVolumes