File TrackingVolumeArrayCreator.hpp

namespace Acts

Set the Geometry Context PLUGIN.

Set the Calibration Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedMaterialMap and to avoid code duplication.

Set the Mangetic Field Context PLUGIN.

Convenience functions to ease creation of and Acts::InterpolatedBFieldMap and to avoid code duplication.

Currently implemented for the two most common formats: rz and xyz.


using TrackingVolumeOrderPosition = std::pair<TrackingVolumePtr, Vector3>
class TrackingVolumeArrayCreator : public Acts::ITrackingVolumeArrayCreator
#include <Acts/Geometry/TrackingVolumeArrayCreator.hpp>

The TrackingVolumeArrayCreator is a simple Tool that helps to construct binned arrays of TrackingVolumes for both, confinement in another volume and navigation issues.

Public Functions

inline TrackingVolumeArrayCreator(const Config&, std::unique_ptr<const Logger> logger = getDefaultLogger("LayerArrayCreator", Logging::INFO))



logger – logging instance

~TrackingVolumeArrayCreator() override = default


inline void setLogger(std::unique_ptr<const Logger> logger)

Set logging instance.


logger – is the logging instance to be set

virtual std::shared_ptr<const TrackingVolumeArray> trackingVolumeArray(const GeometryContext &gctx, const TrackingVolumeVector &tVolumes, BinningValue bValue) const override

create a tracking volume array

  • gctx[in] the geometry context for this building

  • tVolumes[in] is the vector of TrackingVolumes to be

  • bValue[in] is the binning value


new created volume array

Private Functions

inline const Logger &logger() const

Private Members

std::unique_ptr<const Logger> m_logger

logging instance

struct Config
#include <Acts/Geometry/TrackingVolumeArrayCreator.hpp>

This struct stores the configuration of the tracking geometry.