Class Acts::AbstractVolume

class AbstractVolume : public Acts::Volume

AbstractVolume description inside the tracking realm.

This is the purely geometrical object volume.

The Acts::AbstractVolume is constructed by giving a pointer to a Transform3 and a pointer to Acts::VolumeBounds, this implies that the ownership of the objects pointed to is passed as well. For memory optimisation, the AbstractVolume can also be constructed with shared_ptr objects.

A Acts::AbstractVolume is at first a collection class of Acts::BoundarySurface, the vector of Acts::BoundarySurface is returned by the Acts::VolumeBounds that carry a decompose method.

Boundary surfaces can be shared between AbstractVolumes to enhance automatic navigation between AbstractVolumes, therefore they are reference counted by a std::shared_ptr holder class.

Public Functions

AbstractVolume(const Transform3 &transform, VolumeBoundsPtr volbounds)

Constructor with shared Transform3*, VolumeBounds*.

  • transform – is the global 3d transformation into the volume frame

  • volbounds – is the boundary definition

AbstractVolume(const AbstractVolume &vol) = default
AbstractVolume() = delete
~AbstractVolume() override = default
const std::vector<BoundarySurfacePtr> &boundarySurfaces() const

Method to return the BoundarySurfaces.


the vector of boundary surfaces

AbstractVolume &operator=(const AbstractVolume &vol) = delete