Class Acts::RadialBounds

class RadialBounds : public Acts::DiscBounds

Class to describe the bounds for a planar DiscSurface.

By providing an argument for hphisec, the bounds can be restricted to a phi-range around the center position.

Public Types

enum BoundValues


enumerator eMinR
enumerator eMaxR
enumerator eHalfPhiSector
enumerator eAveragePhi
enumerator eSize

Public Functions

RadialBounds() = delete
inline RadialBounds(double minR, double maxR, double halfPhi = M_PI, double avgPhi = 0.) noexcept(false)

Constructor for full disc of symmetric disc around phi=0.

  • minR – The inner radius (0 for full disc)

  • maxR – The outer radius

  • halfPhi – The half opening angle (Pi for full angular coverage)

  • avgPhi – The average phi for the disc/ring sector

inline RadialBounds(const std::array<double, eSize> &values) noexcept(false)

Constructor from array values.


values – The bound values

~RadialBounds() override = default
inline virtual double binningValuePhi() const final

Return a reference radius for binning.

inline virtual double binningValueR() const final

Return a reference radius for binning.

inline virtual bool coversFullAzimuth() const final

Returns true for full phi coverage.

inline double get(BoundValues bValue) const

Access to the bound values.


bValue – the class nested enum for the array access

virtual bool inside(const Vector2 &lposition, const BoundaryCheck &bcheck) const final

For disc surfaces the local position in (r,phi) is checked.

  • lposition – local position to be checked

  • bcheck – boundary check directive


is a boolean indicating the operation success

inline virtual bool insideRadialBounds(double R, double tolerance = 0.) const final

Checks if this is inside the radial coverage given the a tolerance.

inline virtual double rMax() const final

Return method for outer Radius.

inline virtual double rMin() const final

Return method for inner Radius.

virtual std::ostream &toStream(std::ostream &sl) const final

Outstream operator.


sl – is the ostream to be dumped into

virtual SurfaceBounds::BoundsType type() const final

Return the bounds type - for persistency optimization.


is a BoundsType enum

inline virtual std::vector<double> values() const final

Return the bound values as dynamically sized vector.


this returns a copy of the internal values