Class Acts::MeasurementSelector

class MeasurementSelector

Measurement selection struct selecting those measurements compatible with the given track parameter against provided criteria on one surface.

The selection criteria could be allowed maximum chi2 and allowed maximum number of measurements on one surface

If there is no compatible measurement, the measurement with the minimum chi2 will be selected and the status will be tagged as an outlier

Public Types

using Config = Acts::GeometryHierarchyMap<MeasurementSelectorCuts>

Geometry-dependent cut configuration.

Different components on the geometry can require different cut settings. The configuration must either contain explicit settings for all geometry components that are used or contain a global default.

Public Functions

MeasurementSelector() = default

Default constructor.

inline MeasurementSelector(Config config)

Constructor with config and (non-owning) logger.


config – a config instance

template<typename traj_t>
inline Result<std::pair<typename std::vector<typename traj_t::TrackStateProxy>::iterator, typename std::vector<typename traj_t::TrackStateProxy>::iterator>> select(std::vector<typename traj_t::TrackStateProxy> &candidates, bool &isOutlier, const Logger &logger) const

Function that select the measurements compatible with the given track parameter on a surface.

  • candidates – The track state candidates which already contain predicted parameters

  • isOutlier – The indicator for outlier or not

  • logger – The logger wrapper


Pair of iterators into candidates marking the range of selected candidates