Class Acts::Logging::OutputDecorator

class OutputDecorator : public Acts::Logging::OutputPrintPolicy

base class for decorating the debug output

Derived classes may augment the debug message with additional information. Chaining different decorators is possible to customize the output to your needs.

Subclassed by Acts::Logging::LevelOutputDecorator, Acts::Logging::NamedOutputDecorator, Acts::Logging::ThreadOutputDecorator, Acts::Logging::TimedOutputDecorator

Public Functions

inline explicit OutputDecorator(std::unique_ptr<OutputPrintPolicy> wrappee)

constructor wrapping actual output print policy


wrappee[in] output print policy object which is wrapped by this decorator object

inline virtual void flush(const Level &lvl, const std::string &input) override

flush the debug message to the destination stream

This function delegates the flushing of the debug message to its wrapped object.

  • lvl[in] debug level of debug message

  • input[in] text of debug message

inline virtual const std::string &name() const override

Return the name of the output decorator (forwards to wrappee)


the name