Class Acts::FsmwMode1dFinder

class FsmwMode1dFinder

Calculates the mode of a unidimenensional distribution using the Fraction of Sample Mode with Weights algorithm For reference, see: On a Fast, Robust Estimator of the Mode: Comparisons to Other Robust Estimators with Applications, David R.

Bickel, Rudolf Fruehwirth, arXiv:math/0505419 It’s like an iterative “Half Sample Mode”, but the fraction you take at each step can be configured by the user. Configuration possibilities: (1) fraction (default is 50 %) (2) firstFraction (default is 50 %)

Public Functions

FsmwMode1dFinder() = default

Default constructor.

FsmwMode1dFinder(double firstFraction, double fraction)

Overload constructor.

  • firstFraction – first fraction in FSMW algorithm

  • fraction – all other fractions in FSMW algorithm

Result<double> getMode(std::vector<std::pair<double, double>> inputVector) const

Function to calculate mode with FSMW algorithm.


inputVector – Input collection to calculate mode from


mode value