Class Acts::Experimental::ChainedUpdatorImpl

template<typename ...updators_t>
class ChainedUpdatorImpl : public Acts::Experimental::INavigationDelegate

This is a chained extractor/filler implementation Since there is no control whether it is a static or payload extractor, these have to be provided by a tuple.

Template Parameters

updators_t – the updators that will be called in sequence

Public Functions

inline ChainedUpdatorImpl(const std::tuple<updators_t...> &&upts)

Constructor for chained updators in a tuple, this will unroll the tuple and call them in sequence.


upts – the updators to be called in chain

inline void update(const GeometryContext &gctx, NavigationState &nState) const

A combined navigation state updator w/o intersection specifics.

  • gctx – is the Geometry context of this call

  • nState – the navigation state to which the objects are attached

Public Members

std::tuple<updators_t...> updators

The stored updators.