Class Acts::Experimental::Gx2Fitter

template<typename propagator_t, typename traj_t>
class Gx2Fitter

Global Chi Square fitter (GX2F) implementation.

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Template Parameters

propagator_t – Type of the propagation class

Public Functions

inline Gx2Fitter(propagator_t pPropagator, std::unique_ptr<const Logger> _logger = getDefaultLogger("Gx2Fitter", Logging::INFO))

Fit implementation.


The input measurements are given in the form of SourceLink s. It’s the calibrators job to turn them into calibrated measurements used in the fit.

Template Parameters
  • source_link_iterator_t – Iterator type used to pass source links

  • start_parameters_t – Type of the initial parameters

  • parameters_t – Type of parameters used for local parameters

  • track_container_t – Type of the track container backend

  • holder_t – Type defining track container backend ownership

  • it – Begin iterator for the fittable uncalibrated measurements

  • end – End iterator for the fittable uncalibrated measurements

  • sParameters – The initial track parameters

  • gx2fOptions – Gx2FitterOptions steering the fit

  • trackContainer – Input track container storage to append into


the output as an output track