Class Acts::Experimental::MultiWireStructureBuilder

class MultiWireStructureBuilder

Public Functions

MultiWireStructureBuilder(const Config &config, std::unique_ptr<const Acts::Logger> logger = Acts::getDefaultLogger("MultiWireStructureBuilder", Acts::Logging::VERBOSE))


  • config – The configure of the MultiWireStructureBuilder

  • logger – logging instance for screen output

~MultiWireStructureBuilder() = default
Acts::Experimental::DetectorComponent construct(const Acts::GeometryContext &gctx)

Construct the detector component.


gctx – The Geometry Context of the current geometry


a detector component object with the detector volume of the multilayer

struct Config

Configuration struct for the MultiWireStructure Builder.

Public Members

std::vector<ProtoBinning> mlBinning = {}
std::vector<ActsScalar> mlBounds = {}

The bounds of the multi-wire volume.

std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Acts::Surface>> mlSurfaces = {}

The surfaces of the Multi Wire.

std::string name = ""

The name of the detector volume component.

float toleranceOverlap = 10.

A tolerance config.