File Algebra.hpp

namespace Acts


This file is foreseen for the Geometry module to replace Extent


using ActsDynamicMatrix = Eigen::Matrix<ActsScalar, Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic>
using ActsDynamicVector = Eigen::Matrix<ActsScalar, Eigen::Dynamic, 1>
template<unsigned int kRows, unsigned int kCols>
using ActsMatrix = Eigen::Matrix<ActsScalar, kRows, kCols>
using ActsScalar = double

Common scalar (floating point type used for the default algebra types.

Defaults to double but can be customized by the user.

template<unsigned int kSize>
using ActsSquareMatrix = Eigen::Matrix<ActsScalar, kSize, kSize>
template<unsigned int kSize>
using ActsVector = Eigen::Matrix<ActsScalar, kSize, 1>
using AngleAxis3 = Eigen::AngleAxis<ActsScalar>
using RotationMatrix2 = ActsMatrix<2, 2>
using RotationMatrix3 = ActsMatrix<3, 3>
using SquareMatrix2 = ActsSquareMatrix<2>
using SquareMatrix3 = ActsSquareMatrix<3>
using SquareMatrix4 = ActsSquareMatrix<4>
using Transform2 = Eigen::Transform<ActsScalar, 2, Eigen::AffineCompact>
using Transform3 = Eigen::Transform<ActsScalar, 3, Eigen::Affine>
using Translation2 = Eigen::Translation<ActsScalar, 2>
using Translation3 = Eigen::Translation<ActsScalar, 3>
using Vector2 = ActsVector<2>
using Vector3 = ActsVector<3>
using Vector4 = ActsVector<4>