Class Acts::Experimental::Gx2Fitter::Actor

template<typename parameters_t>
class Actor

Propagator Actor plugin for the GX2F.

The GX2FnActor does not rely on the measurements to be sorted along the track. /// TODO is this true?

Template Parameters
  • parameters_t – The type of parameters used for “local” parameters.

  • calibrator_t – The type of calibrator

  • outlier_finder_t – Type of the outlier finder class

Public Types

using result_type = Gx2FitterResult<traj_t>

Broadcast the result_type.

Public Functions

inline const Logger &logger() const

Logger helper.

template<typename propagator_state_t, typename stepper_t, typename navigator_t>
inline void operator()(propagator_state_t &state, const stepper_t &stepper, const navigator_t &navigator, result_type &result, const Logger&) const

Gx2f actor operation.

Template Parameters
  • propagator_state_t – is the type of Propagator state

  • stepper_t – Type of the stepper

  • navigator_t – Type of the navigator

  • state – is the mutable propagator state object

  • stepper – The stepper in use

  • navigator – The navigator in use

  • result – is the mutable result state object

Public Members

const Logger *actorLogger = {nullptr}

The logger instance.

const CalibrationContext *calibrationContext = {nullptr}

Calibration context for the fit.

bool energyLoss = false

TODO implement later.

Whether to consider energy loss.

Gx2FitterExtensions<traj_t> extensions
FreeToBoundCorrection freeToBoundCorrection

TODO implement later.

Whether to include non-linear correction during global to local transformation

const std::map<GeometryIdentifier, SourceLink> *inputMeasurements = nullptr

Allows retrieving measurements for a surface.

bool multipleScattering = false

Whether to consider multiple scattering.

std::shared_ptr<MultiTrajectory<traj_t>> outputStates

Input MultiTrajectory.

SurfaceReached targetReached

The Surface being.

const Surface *targetSurface = nullptr

The target surface.