Class Acts::ApproachDescriptor

class ApproachDescriptor

Virtual base class to decide and return which approaching surface to be taken, the surfaces are std::shared_ptr, as they can be the boundary surfaces of the representingVolume of the Layer.

Subclassed by Acts::GenericApproachDescriptor

Public Functions

ApproachDescriptor() = default
virtual ~ApproachDescriptor() = default
virtual ObjectIntersection<Surface> approachSurface(const GeometryContext &gctx, const Vector3 &position, const Vector3 &direction, const BoundaryCheck &bcheck) const = 0

Get the surface on approach.

  • gctx – The current geometry context object, e.g. alignment

  • position – is the position from start of the search

  • direction – is the direction at the start of the search

  • bcheck – is the boundary check directive


is a surface intersection

virtual const std::vector<const Surface*> &containedSurfaces() const = 0

Get all the contained surfaces.


all contained surfaces of this approach descriptor

virtual std::vector<const Surface*> &containedSurfaces() = 0

Non-const version.

virtual void registerLayer(const Layer &lay) = 0

Register Layer Links the layer to the approach surfaces.


lay – is the layer to be assigned