Class Acts::PlanarModuleCluster

class PlanarModuleCluster : public Acts::Measurement<BoundIndices, 3>

Public Functions

inline PlanarModuleCluster(std::shared_ptr<const Surface> surface, SourceLink sourceLink, const Base::CovarianceMatrix &cov, double loc0, double loc1, double t, std::vector<DigitizationCell> dCells, const DigitizationModule *dModule = nullptr)

Constructor from DigitizationCells.

  • surface[in] The surface the cluster is on

  • sourceLink[in] is the link to the truth information

  • cov[in] is the covariance matrix

  • loc0[in] is the local position in the first coordinate

  • loc1[in] is the local position in the second coordinate

  • t[in] Timestamp of the cluster

  • dCells[in] is the vector of digitization cells

  • dModule[in] an optional pointer to a digitization configuration

inline const std::vector<DigitizationCell> &digitizationCells() const

access to the digitization cells


the vector to the digitization cells

inline const DigitizationModule *digitizationModule() const

access to the digitization module


the pointer to the digitization module

inline const Surface &referenceObject() const

Module surface.