Class Acts::BinFinder

template<typename external_spacepoint_t>
class BinFinder

The BinFinder is used by the ISPGroupSelector.

It can be used to find both bins that could be bottom bins as well as bins that could be top bins, which are assumed to be the same bins. Does not take interaction region into account to limit z-bins.

Public Functions

BinFinder() = delete


BinFinder(const std::vector<std::pair<int, int>> &zBinNeighbors, int numPhiNeighbors)
boost::container::small_vector<size_t, 9> findBins(size_t phiBin, size_t zBin, const SpacePointGrid<external_spacepoint_t> *binnedSP) const

Return all bins that could contain space points that can be used with the space points in the bin with the provided indices to create seeds.

  • phiBin – phi index of bin with middle space points

  • zBin – z index of bin with middle space points

  • binnedSP – phi-z grid containing all bins