Class Acts::Logging::OutputPrintPolicy

class OutputPrintPolicy

abstract base class for printing debug output

Implementations of this interface need to define how and where to print debug messages (e.g. to a file, to a stream into a database etc).

Subclassed by Acts::Logging::DefaultPrintPolicy, Acts::Logging::OutputDecorator

Public Functions

virtual ~OutputPrintPolicy() = default

virtual default destructor

virtual std::unique_ptr<OutputPrintPolicy> clone(const std::string &name) const = 0

Make a copy of this print policy with a new name.


name – the new name


the copy

virtual void flush(const Level &lvl, const std::string &input) = 0

handle output of debug message

  • lvl[in] debug output level of message

  • input[in] text of debug message

virtual const std::string &name() const = 0

Return the name of the print policy.


the name