Class Acts::Logging::TimedOutputDecorator

class TimedOutputDecorator : public Acts::Logging::OutputDecorator

decorate debug message with a time stamp

The debug message is complemented with a time stamp.

Public Functions

inline TimedOutputDecorator(std::unique_ptr<OutputPrintPolicy> wrappee, const std::string &format = "%X")


  • wrappee[in] output print policy object to be wrapped

  • format[in] format of time stamp (see std::strftime)

inline virtual std::unique_ptr<OutputPrintPolicy> clone(const std::string &name) const override

Make a copy of this print policy with a new name.


name – the new name


the copy

inline virtual void flush(const Level &lvl, const std::string &input) override

flush the debug message to the destination stream

This function prepends a time stamp to the debug message and then delegates the flushing of the whole message to its wrapped object.

  • lvl[in] debug level of debug message

  • input[in] text of debug message