Class Acts::TrackBuildingBase

class TrackBuildingBase

Subclassed by Acts::BoostTrackBuilding, Acts::CugraphTrackBuilding

Public Functions

virtual std::vector<std::vector<int>> operator()(std::any nodes, std::any edges, std::any edgeWeights, std::vector<int> &spacepointIDs, const Logger &logger) = 0

Perform track building.

  • nodes – Node tensor with shape (n_nodes, n_node_features)

  • edges – Edge-index tensor with shape (2, n_edges)

  • edgeWeights – Edge-weights of the previous edge classification phase

  • spacepointIDs – IDs of the nodes (must have size=n_nodes)

  • logger – Logger instance


tracks (as vectors of node-IDs)