Class Acts::DiscBounds

class DiscBounds : public Acts::SurfaceBounds

common base class for all bounds that are in a r/phi frame

  • simply introduced to avoid wrong bound assigments to surfaces

Subclassed by Acts::AnnulusBounds, Acts::DiscTrapezoidBounds, Acts::RadialBounds

Public Functions

virtual double binningValuePhi() const = 0

Returns a refererance phi for binning.

virtual double binningValueR() const = 0

Returns a reference radius for binning.

virtual bool coversFullAzimuth() const = 0

Returns true for full phi coverage.

virtual bool insideRadialBounds(double R, double tolerance = 0.) const = 0

Checks if it’s inside the radius.

virtual double rMax() const = 0

Return method for outer Radius.

virtual double rMin() const = 0

Return method for inner Radius.

virtual std::vector<Vector2> vertices(unsigned int lseg) const = 0

Return the vertices.


that the extremas are given, which may slightly alter the number of segments returned


lseg – the number of segments used to approximate and eventually curved line, the number referrs to full 2*PI


vector for vertices in 2D