Class Acts::AssertionFailureException

class AssertionFailureException : public std::exception

Exception type for assertion failures This class captures the information available to the throw_assert macro.

Public Functions

inline AssertionFailureException(const std::string &expression, const std::string &file, int line, const std::string &msg)

Construct an assertion failure exception, captures macro info.

  • expression – The expression being asserted

  • file – The current file

  • line – The current line

  • msg – The message to print if assertion fails

inline const char *what() const override

The assertion message.

class StreamFormatter

Class which allows to use the << operator to assemble a string.

Public Functions

template<typename T>
inline StreamFormatter &operator<<(const T &value)

Stream operator which takes everything and forwards it to the stringstream.

Template Parameters

T – type of anything


value – const ref to anything