Class Acts::Experimental::KdtSurfacesProvider

template<size_t kDIM = 2u, size_t bSize = 100u, typename reference_generator = detail::PolyhedronReferenceGenerator>
class KdtSurfacesProvider : public Acts::Experimental::ISurfacesProvider

Callable struct wrapper around the KDT surface structure.

This allows to create small region based callable structs at configuration level that are then connected to an InternalStructureBuilder

Public Functions

inline KdtSurfacesProvider(std::shared_ptr<KdtSurfaces<kDIM, bSize, reference_generator>> kdts, const Extent &kregion)

The prefilled surfaces in a KD tree structure, it is generally shared amongst different providers.

  • kdts – the prefilled KDTree structure

  • kregion – the region where these are pulled from

inline std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Surface>> surfaces([[maybe_unused]] const GeometryContext &gctx) const final

The call to provide the surfaces.