Class Acts::Logging::NamedOutputDecorator

class NamedOutputDecorator : public Acts::Logging::OutputDecorator

decorate debug message with a name

The debug message is complemented with a name.

Public Functions

inline NamedOutputDecorator(std::unique_ptr<OutputPrintPolicy> wrappee, const std::string &name, unsigned int maxWidth = 15)


  • wrappee[in] output print policy object to be wrapped

  • name[in] name to be added to debug message

  • maxWidth[in] maximum width of field used for name

inline virtual std::unique_ptr<OutputPrintPolicy> clone(const std::string &name) const override

Make a copy of this print policy with a new name.


name – the new name


the copy

inline virtual void flush(const Level &lvl, const std::string &input) override

flush the debug message to the destination stream

This function prepends the given name to the debug message and then delegates the flushing of the whole message to its wrapped object.

  • lvl[in] debug level of debug message

  • input[in] text of debug message

inline virtual const std::string &name() const override

Get this named output decorators name.


the name