Class Acts::TGeoCylinderDiscSplitter

class TGeoCylinderDiscSplitter : public Acts::ITGeoDetectorElementSplitter


Split Cylinder and disks into submodules

Public Functions

TGeoCylinderDiscSplitter(const Config &cfg, std::unique_ptr<const Acts::Logger> logger = Acts::getDefaultLogger("TGeoCylinderDiscSplitter", Acts::Logging::INFO))


  • cfg – the configuration struct

  • logger – the logging object

~TGeoCylinderDiscSplitter() override = default
virtual std::vector<std::shared_ptr<const Acts::TGeoDetectorElement>> split(const GeometryContext &gctx, std::shared_ptr<const Acts::TGeoDetectorElement> tgde) const override

Take a geometry context and TGeoElement and split it into sub elements.


If no split is performed the unsplit detector element is returned

  • gctx – is a geometry context object

  • tgde – is a TGeoDetectorElement that is eventually split


a vector of TGeoDetectorElement objects

struct Config

Nested configuration struct.

Public Members

int cylinderLongitudinalSegments = -1

Number of segments in r for a disk.

int cylinderPhiSegments = -1

Number of segments in phi for a disc.

int discPhiSegments = -1

Number of segments in phi for a disc.

int discRadialSegments = -1

Number of segments in r for a disk.