Class Acts::DD4hepVolumeBuilder

class DD4hepVolumeBuilder : public Acts::IConfinedTrackingVolumeBuilder

build confined TrackingVolumes of one cylinder setup from DD4hep input.

This class is an implementation of the Acts::IConfinedTrackingVolumeBuilder, creating the central (volumes of barrel), the negative and positive volumes (volumes of endcaps) of one hierarchy (e.g. ECal, HCal…) with input from DD4hep.

Public Functions

DD4hepVolumeBuilder(const Acts::DD4hepVolumeBuilder::Config &config, std::unique_ptr<const Logger> logger)


  • config[in] is the configuration struct

  • logger[in] is the logging instance

~DD4hepVolumeBuilder() override


virtual MutableTrackingVolumeVector centralVolumes() const final

Builder method for cylindrical, confined volume.


The vector of TrackingVolumes at the central sector

inline Config getConfiguration() const

Get the configuration object.


The used configuration struct

inline virtual const std::string &identification() const final

Name identification.


The string based identification of this configuration

void setConfiguration(const Config &config)

Set the configuration object.


config[in] is the configuration struct

void setLogger(std::unique_ptr<const Logger> logger)

Set logging instance.


logger[in] Logger in use

struct Config

Nested configuration struct for steering of the volume builder.

Public Members

std::vector<dd4hep::DetElement> centralVolumes

Vector of central confined volumes.

std::string configurationName = "undefined"

string based identification