Class Acts::StrawSurface

class StrawSurface : public Acts::LineSurface

Class for a StrawSurface in the TrackingGeometry to describe dirft tube and straw like detectors.


Public Functions

StrawSurface() = delete
~StrawSurface() override = default
inline virtual std::string name() const final

Return properly formatted class name for screen output */.

StrawSurface &operator=(const StrawSurface &other)

Assignment operator.


other – is the source surface for copying

virtual Polyhedron polyhedronRepresentation(const GeometryContext &gctx, size_t lseg) const final

Return a Polyhedron for the surfaces.


if lseg is set to 1 then only the straw is created

  • gctx – The current geometry context object, e.g. alignment

  • lseg – Number of segments along curved lines, it represents the full 2*M_PI coverange, if lseg is set to 1 only the extrema are given


A list of vertices and a face/facett description of it

inline virtual SurfaceType type() const final

Return the surface type.